What to expect

Making a decision to start therapy can feel daunting and even scary.

I would advise on researching the different therapies available for your particular difficulties as a starting place to give you an idea of what might be involved and which therapy you would like to try.

This website has some information on different types of therapy:



If you decided on CBT you can find a list of accredited therapists in your area here:



This brief summary explains why finding a therapist with the right accreditation is an important factor to consider:



If after researching you feel CBT is right for you and decide to contact me, we will arrange an initial assessment appointment to get a better idea of what it is you are struggling with at the moment and the kinds of things you would like help with. We will look at how CBT may be able to help with these difficulties over time. We will agree goals to work towards and sessions will be focused towards achieving these specific goals which you have identified will make a difference to your life.

At the end of each appointment we will summarise the session and set clear tasks to be completed across the following week. We will regularly review how you are finding the sessions and whether you feel you are making progress towards your goals.

If you would like to know more please call or email me on Rebecca@cbtbournemouth.com.